Month: May 2016

Building an Organization Where the Donor Is King

Food for the Poor is a Christian relief organization that has made a name for putting its contributors at the heart of what it does.  “Eighty per cent of people who stop giving do so because they felt distance from the organization,” says Angel Aloma, executive director of the Florida-based charity, which raised nearly $1 billion last year.  Mr. Aloma talks about the pitfalls of making the organization the center of fundraising appeals and explains how he changed Food for the Poor’s structure and culture to ensure that “the donor is king.”

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Spearheading a Revolution in Animal Welfare

In his new book, The Humane Economy, Wayne Pacelle describes the revolution in business and policy that he says has irrevocably changed the ways Americans treat animals and conduct commerce.  Mr. Pacelle talks about his notion of the “humane economy,” and about how a nonprofit can use all the channels available to it — from social media to boardrooms, courtrooms, and the halls of Congress — to create profound systemic change.

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A Company’s ‘Social Promise’ Sends Kids to School

In November 2013, CommonBond, a company that offers low-rate refinancing of student loans, and Pencils of Promise, a nonprofit that builds schools in developing countries, launched a partnership: For each completed CommonBond loan, the firm will fund a year’s schooling for a Pencils of Promise student. In the next year the program will provide up to $1 million for the education of children in need.  In this segment, David Klein, CEO of the loan company, and Michael Dougherty, head of Pencils of Promise, discuss the “1-for-1” philanthropic approach and the ethos of “social promise” that undergirds CommonBond’s business model.

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Corporate Charity Choosing A Cause

Charles Schwab Foundation President Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz describes how she took her personal passion to advocate for women and transformed it into the foundation’s signature financial-literacy program.

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